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Wayne Rivers 45 C W Stepping on daisies Lady really loves me Soundmate 1007.00 Rita Robbins and Don Winters 45 C W Lonely heart You're still a part of me RCA 6234 VG wlp. Cover corners dented or creased thru the shrink wrap. Erskine Faush 45 Gospel Let Him Fix It Somewhere Sue 15 VG White label. 25.00 Brothers Cain 45 Rock In love with one Two wrongs Mercury 72437 VG promo.00 Buster Brown 45 Rock Falling out of love same RCA 10023 M- pr, lbl wear, mid soul-rock.00.L. Performed by Tashi with Boston Symphony, Ozawa. John Hammond Records 37598 VG VG- promo.

Disc looks VG, Lilly Mae plays. Same Salsoul 7075 M- promo, sticker on label.00 Krush Groove All Stars 45 Hip Hop/Rap Krush groovin' same WB 28843 M- wlp, Fat Boys, Run DMC, etc.50.L. 25.00 Various Artists LP Blues Unissued Chicago Blues of the 50s From Cobra and JOB Flyright 577 M- VG made. Don't pass me by Chess 1843 VG promo.00 Jimmy Donley 45 Rock Woman's gonna have her way Hello!

Stickers on label/writing on label/label wear.00 Brenda Patterson 45 Rock Keep on keepin' on West window song Epic 10599 VG wlp.00 Darlene Paul 45 Rock Girl Group Are you getting tired of your little toy I'll get over you Capitol 5368.00. Writing on label/label wear.00 Nick Lowe code promo ma boutique mercedes saga 45 Rock Punk/New Wave Cruel to be kind Little hitler Radar 12 VG VG UK w/ pic sleeve.00 Nick Lowe 45 Rock Punk/New Wave American squirm What's so funny 'bout Radarscope 265 M- VG UK, w/ pic. Linton 45 Gospel I need thee Jesus will carry you through Hob 1334 VG w/ Progessive Baptist Choir.00 Sister Shirley Litman 45 Gospel There's Not A Friend Blessed Assurance Gospel Lit 101 VG Hairlines cause a few minor intro tics.00 Little Axe the. Alexander 45 Soul Deep Keep a light in the window till I come home Baby, it's real Mirwood 5518 VG VG-.00 Margie Alexander 45 Soul Take my body same Chisound 849 VG Plays VG with scuffs not affecting play. Booklet lightly creased.00 Soul Generation/Joneses CD Soul Sweet Battle of the Bands-Round 3 10 ea by Joneses and Soul Generation Sequel 930.00 Stan the Man CD Soul Breath of Fresh Air STM.00 Jody Sticker CD Soul 5 minutes Mardi Gras 1096. Sleeve scuffs not affecting play. Light creases in booklet.00 Various Artists CD Gospel Soul of Chicago Shanachie 6008 M- M- 26 tracks: Golden Harps, Rev Sammy Patterson, Gay Sisters, Irma Gwynn etc. 45 Soul I Believe (Go Saints, All The Way) same Harrison Ave. In worn/stained Max's Kansas City sleeve. 40.00 Eddie Lovette 45 Soul Little blue bird same Steady 002 VG Promo. Teener.00 Danny Darrow 45 50s R B/RnR Handsome man Regrets and roses Mighty 101 VG Teen.