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recommended age: 12 to 24 months, 2 years. Also light weight- only.4 pounds in balance bike mode, and the trike mode 12 pounds which allows for great stability for the young toddler. This is a Twist lock rear wheel wire harness for most contemporary road and mountain bikes. That really limits the playing field! Another danger with tricycles is that if your child starts going down a hill, there is really no way to stop often leading to a crash or tip over. . This means it is a great investment to pass down to younger siblings as well! . Brand: Hape, quantity available in stock: 14, uPC. This is probably the most versatile wooden balance bike on the market and great quality with a great price. . Your child can start at any age from the time they can walk and up to 5 years old. . Once the child does learn to ride the trike, then come the tip overs and spills. . Rig that wired cyclocomputer up right with this Sigma rear wheel wiring harness for wired bike computers.

Balance bikes are the new generation first toddler bike and kids are not minding this at all! . I felt it was good for him but they do not agree? Of course I am a big advocate of Balance Bikes after seeing the beaming faces on the hundreds of children we have sold to locally and the many happy emails from parents all over the US who have purchased online. . I think it definately. . Doesn't he look proud? Get extra 10 off on any teaching toys with the coupon. As a child gains more muscles and riding confidence, the ride-on time, as well as distance, can be increased. 2010 venus legacy groupon model Koru which touts an iconic symbol used in Maori art to represent new life, new beginnings, peace and hope for the future.