groupon safari de peaugres

to climb and keep off the ground, it is all artificial and consists of bare tree trunks, ropes and two truck tires on a rope. The region offers an exceptional natural environment and a wealth of landscapes with green countryside, woods and mountains of more than 1300 metres. Les animaux paraissent heureux et en bonne sant. The park can be visited by foot or by car, and will take you along exceptional and impressive animal species like the hippopotamus, the tiger, the elephant, etc. The safari tickets have to be collected at the desk (ouvert 24h/24) Packages available while the parc is open Bedroom : 2 beds or 1 large bed Apartement : 2 beds or 1 large bed and 1 sofa bed for 2 children under 12 years old. This contrasts sharply with the outdoor enclosure of the Bolivian squirrel monkeys that comprises several deciduous and coniferous trees interconnected with ropes and small stems. Most of the monkeys are housed in and around a former farmstead. A faire et refaire! The Zoo is closed for three months in winter, from mid-November until mid-February.

On the other side of the pedestrian walkway the wolves occupy a slightly undulating landscape that is nothing less than a fenced off part of the original forest, so it seems. Le sens de la visite est parfait et permet de ne rien manquer de la visite. Spread over the premises you will find a few aviaries, with birds of prey and psittacine birds, even a walk-through aviary with ara. The region is ideal for hikers, anglers and those who love white water sports. Both the tigers and the lions have a large enclosure in open grassy terrain at their disposal with shelters and observation platforms. And to me the snow leopard enclosure wasnt very suitable as well. On the park, youll find areas dedicated to reptiles or insects, and areas where you can have a direct contact with animals like lemurs, small marsupials with big yellow eyes or wallabies. Magnifique journe passe au Safari de Peaugres. Considering the wolves this has been done very successfully.

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