happiness planner discount code

this is over and above whats already included in the full Happiness Planner itself. While that may sound like a worthy goal you should want, if youve answered the questions right then that isnt what motivates you. Introverts tend to lose energy to other people whereas Extroverts gain energy from other people. Hi, Really great talking to you today. I know firsthand how difficult it is to have close friends when youre on the move and away from home. My sense is that your last challenge was to build a better you. Its going to be hard to tune into your needs when youre tired all the time. In fact, according to the results for Opportunities to Give to Others, code promo cdiscount gros electromenager youre already giving too much.

Happiness planner discount code
happiness planner discount code

Planner Haul Review. As you know by now, the Happiness Planner does a great job of identifying your top needs but what it cant do is look at the big picture and the subtle details. I want to offer you the same opportunity. Its all risk free and even more of a no-brainer deal.

Next, in our initial Happiness Coaching session, you were talking about helping others find and live their dreams. Now that youve done that well, youre not quite sure whats next. Well, let me sweeten the pot even more by giving you a second option. We are excited to offer a great kit with tons of goodies! Expert Analysis is only offered to customers who are committed to living a top-quality life. Get your time back and use it for yourself. First, get some sleep.

We look at your Personality Style and, based on your temperament, customize our recommendations to make them as effective for you as possible. All the best, Kenneth Benjamin Founder and Chief Happiness Officer Happiness International Much as Id like to share all the exciting details our client had to say in response, privacy comes first, however, I can share the first sentence: This is extremely perceptive!