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are made from only the juices of fruits. Bake for 55-50 minutes or until bubbly.

Go to Shop Gourmet, stay. Only our Muscat Grape Jelly and Lemon Curd are not Kosher certified. So add a little do-it-yourself charm to your holidays with these incredibly simple ways to turn your empty Bonne Maman jars into delightful decorations and fun, functional gifts! All Bonne Maman preserves, jellies, fruit spreads and curd are gluten-free. Each of Bonne Mamans recipes in its 15 flavors of preserves ensures that pieces of fruit are present in each jar. They are the perfect size for a variety of fun, simple crafts and gifts. To make the crumble topping: Place all toppings ingredients into a food processor and grind until course. Jams are made from crushed fruit and fruit puree, not whole fruit.