coupon flightdeck a32x

no integration of any "live" ATC communication. So we believe in "game learning" and since you can also just fly with the virtual A320 for fun and enjoy the view and make RDI approaches, it may feel like a game. How can I avoid this? Is real sound included? No, such effects are not simulated since we would have to work with a much better grid on the airport area which is beyond our scope. There is not compatibility of data, airports or other items.

Made from the ground up by the AirlineTools team.
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The interface is different :.

But there is more behind the front panel than just a game engine. Before take-off there is an aural take-off clearance by the tower and on short final we would give you a landing clearance. VA AFL Simmers best choice. We declare this clearly and provide all the necessary declaration paper with the parcel. The value of the USB dongle will be about 25 US and therefore custom charges or problems should not arrise.

Coupon flightdeck a32x
coupon flightdeck a32x