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of gradual improvement, how to approach a lifting segment, how to do pre-class movement prep, why we program the way we do, and providing access to other helpful resources. Within the 20 minutes, work up to 2-3 sets of 5 reps at weight that each participant can handle. In January of 2014, we posted an article about the importance of having an introductory course at your affiliate before allowing inexperienced people jump into your group classes. Coaches use their discretion about who to allow to go up and who to maintain at given weights. Then, people can go into group class familiar with the basic execution of each movement, knowing what loads they can start with and move on from. Metcon, similarly, we want to provide most of the common workout formats people will encounter in group class, which helps demystify our reviews of workouts at the whiteboard.

Single-Unders, double-Unders Demonstrate and explain single-unders. Demo a kipping pull-up and say how they'll work up to that after they get strict pull-ups. From there demonstrate double-unders and give people a chance to give them a shot IF their single-under looks good. By selling direct to our community, the promise of premium product at unique hylete pricing, becomes a reality. Depending on how much time is left in class, we sometimes modify the length of the amrap. Explain the difference between when to go "Rx'd when to use double-under attempts and when to stick with singles.

We sometimes don't go beyond the empty barbell given the amount needed to cover. Barbell movements : Press, Push Press, Push Jerk (15-20 min) Press 5-5 Push Press 5-5 Push Jerk 5-5 Review the mechanics of the press, then perform 3 of 5 with the empty barbell. Privacy terms conditions, copyright 2018 hylete, Inc. AbMat Sit-Ups, first round on coaches count, 2nd and 3rd round DIY with coach making corrections. Discuss rack etiquette: Setting J-hooks for partners, knowing your warm-up set and work set weights, using the running clock (link) to manage your rest periods. Repeat with the press and the push press before reviewing all three movements again. (Common workout formats being time priority, code promo 20 courir task priority, every-minute-on-the-minute work, etc.) This makes the transition to group class a bit more seamless and less intimidating if it's an extension of their Foundations experience.