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your item is eligible (check online) before heading to the store. Prime Pantry can best be described as Amazon's online grocery store for Prime members. You can coordinate returns and exchanges on Amazon's return page. Amazon Drive's platform also doubles as a photo printing service. How to Share Amazon Prime, you're allowed to share all your Amazon Prime benefits with another adult and up to four kids, free of charge, as long as they live with you. On Fire tablets, tap Books, then Store, then More to Explore, and lastly tap Amazon First Reads. Especially for Amazon credit card holders, who will get 5 cashback on Whole Foods purchases. Amazon Music, or at least the Unlimited version, aims to compete with Spotify, Pandora, Tidal and Apple Music, but despite being slightly cheaper it hasn't groupon tobbogan gotten as popular as its competitors. The free version has a much smaller music library, but it's worth checking out if you're already paying for Prime. There are supposedly designated parking spots for Amazon returns at Kohl's stores close to the entrance, but availability might vary by location. Prime Photos Amazon Prints Free up space on your devices by uploading files to Amazon Drive.

Recent changes to Subscribe Save has caused some confusion for customers. You're not supposed to be able to order them by themselves because of that reason, but there are two code promo shoowprive loopholes. Additionally, you can upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited for.99 per month (or.99 a month if you have an Echo device which unlocks tens of millions of songs. Amazon makes returns relatively easy. One thing to note is that students who are on their six-month trial will not be able to use Amazon Prime Music until they start paying for their membership. Amazon Prime Music features more than 2 million ad-free songs. If you don't have an Echo, you can still use Alexa via the Fire TV Stick, Amazon Dash Wand or the Amazon app. Prime membership comes with access to all of them, plus thousands of other movies and TV episodes. You can check if you're eligible here.

If it's less than 25, shipping rates will vary based on the weight and size of your items. Simply download the free app and you're good. You can avoid this by simply clicking the link that says "skip immediate delivery and just add subscription." Read more about how to save money using Subscribe Save in this article.