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For all I know, version 6 may have several new features in it which might make a price increase neccessary. Although I do prefer zombie women to motionless dead women, I gotta admit I am a bit turned off by rotting flesh. The only worthwhile moment is the one with the freaks in the jail cell but that seven-minute scene isn't enough to save the movie. And I love all different styles colors. In Viking Queen they pulled Carita's long hair in front, both left and right sides, covering her breasts. Action needs to be taken by Universities to study the effect of violent porn on society. It was her sidekick who was British. Also, if it's something you have a mild interest in, streaming can make more sense than down-loading. At Jesimiel, salamat." @Daywilling *Member, Actors' Equity. Of course, you can always just buy a box for yourself, and have them sitting out when the family comes over. Wednesday, July 22nd :40:23 PM Name: Ed There is a hypothetical scenario I would like to run by everyone. Its hands down MY very favorite!