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Polenta. If I could air one complaint: our time here was too short. I love it followed by Duck Foie Gras Raviolis served with chanterelle mushrooms, sauternes and lobster bisque. What a small world. At age 22 he earned his first Michelin star.

Gilles and Elisabeth were beyond accommodating and are two truly wonderful people; Citrus is a very nice place I did feel under-dressed in my sleeveless Bathory shirt, but I dont think they minded. We have had the pleasure of enjoying Gilles Epies cuisine first when he was executive chef at LOrangerie in Los Angeles and then when he opened his own restaurant Chez Gilles on Beverly Blvd in Beverly Hills. Dessert we opted for cheese instead of a sweet. . Mignardises, wines: We had a modest Santenay Rouge still expensive due to the.6x. .

Quels sont les produits qui vous voquent votre chef? France, being a creator of a genre and a movement in food, needs to stay on its toes, and that is something that is exemplified to its fullest at Citrus Etoile in Paris. France is where it all came from, my friends; the pioneers of cooking back in the day here created many, if not most of the techniques we see used in all world styles of cooking. Gilles and Elisabeth treated Corey and I like family and we cant wait to return. Paris, France, when Trivium first started touring internationally, it was quite a concept to me that people from foreign countries and cities Id never heard of would want to come see us play live. Desert was an experience: Cheesecake with exotic caramel and roasted pineapple sorbet,. We could have eaten 2 more. We also loved his traditional French cuisine. We were very frequent diners at Chez Gilles. We loved his approach and his insistence on product and quality.