clyde groupon

and have had a blast at both. We ended up finishing with 9 minutes to spare, after getting 3 very helpful clues from Josh. The staff here is very friendly, and this place is just going to get better as they add more rooms, we are definitely coming back to do the Orient Express room. There was enough things to do in the room for 6 people and we completed both rooms with some time remaining on the clock! Went here for a party and did the Bonnie and Clyde room. Family friendly, we made it out with a group of 5 with 4 kids (including 2 who had never done an escape room before but are now hooked!) with 7 code promo easykids anniv minutes to spare, not scary, and still challenging enough to not be a kids venue. Each room was detailed to perfection and the clues very challenging.

I love that nothing in these rooms feels like a huge leap. Challenging but not impossible. .

The staff is very helpful and always in such great moods. people were super nice. Since Groupon is customer focused, we were excited that the automated system only required a push of one button. One of the best escape rooms Ive been to! Oreint Express at Architect was a perfect choice. Thank you to the GMs, you guys code promo holocene and gals are awesome. I will say this, the team work was what it takes to solve all the mysteries! With just us two, we ended up completing the room with 6min remaining. Had 3 generations of family working together in their fun and challenging puzzles.